Auberron Projects | Solutions LLC

For a Better Future...

Auberron Projects & Auberron Solutions LLC are working with leading US manufacturer of cutting-edge biotic organic fertilizers with a long-term goal to implement state-of-the-art production facilities around the world, starting with the Eastern European country of Belarus, and in the Russian Federation.

Perfect Blend, LLC

Our strategic partner, Perfect Blend, LLC, leads the world in the research, development and manufacturer of focused nutrition biotic fertilizers. These remarkable fertilizers are rewriting 160 years of fertility science based on inorganic chemicals. Scientists now know that natural soil fertility is based on biology, not inorganic chemistry. Perfect Blend biotic fertilizers can quickly increase natural soil fertility in any arable soil type through the use of carbon nutrients designed to accelerate the growth of naturally resident soil microbes.

Biotic Organic Fertilizers Facilities

Auberron Group has formed a strategic partnership with Perfect Blend, LLC, to build and operate state-of-the-art biotic organic fertilizer production facility in the Eastern European country of Belarus, and later on in several agricultural regions of the Russian Federation.
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